Compare the gay right movement to the african american civil right movement?

i need to write an essay comparing the gay right movement to the african american civil right movement. can anybody give me ideas on my thesis and paragraph structure? maybe i could compare the similarities in which they where both discriminated against-or key events which linked the two together.. thankyou in advance :D

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  1. plutonomic says:

    Sorry, but it’s YOUR assignment to write it.

  2. sincere says:

    The only ways we are dissimilar are our skin may be any color and all the violence has come from the haters. All the rest has pretty much been the same. Oh we weren’t sold into slavery, we were put into a fifth class system instead.

  3. electronically says:

    Well, here are some things to consider; both people were discriminated against, and it was considered to be “the way things are.” Both groups comprised 10% of the population. Both groups were met with hatred and violence. In both cases, these incidents were rally crys. For gays, it was the Stonewall Inn Riots. For Blacks, Selma.And while things have improved for both groups, there is a backlash wave of conservative bigotry.The main difference here is no black kid ever had to worry about his parents throwing him out on the street for discovering he was black.I am including a few links to things I have written that may, or may not be helpful.