What is something that is 10 meters long?

ok so im doing an essay on tigers right. well its a fact that they can cover up to 10 meters in one horizontal leap. so i wanted to compare that to something like thats the size of a blah blah or something like that..can anyone help? it would be great apprecatiated.

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3 Answers to “What is something that is 10 meters long?”

  1. recchia says:

    It’s 32.8 feet. That’s about 1/10 of a football field. The distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate in slow-pitch softball. The distance that Bluetooth devices can be and still connect.

  2. lengthwise says:

    10 meters is about 33 ftor 11 yardsabout two car lengths

  3. a's says:

    About 30 ft, about as long as a school bus, if not a bit further.