Conclusion Paragraph! Heeeelp! D:?

I am writing an essay for the book, Of Mice and Men. First off, what do you write for a conclusion paragraph? I haven't really written an essay this big before, so what do we need to write in order to have a conclusion paragraph? Secondly, I dont know how to start my conclusion paragraph. I start it off by restating your thesis, but i dont know how i would restate mine. My thesis statement is: "Steinbeck's theme of isolation and loneliness is that no matter who associates with whom, in life there will always be some form of isolation an individual will experience." please help me? This is due, like, tomorrow...I hate procrastinating. -.- haha. Thank you! :) x

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  1. gallion says:

    I would probably have helped if you hadn’t procrastinated this long.