Help with a history project on Munich Massacre?

Hi, I'm doing a history essay on the 1972 Olympic Games (Munich Massacre), but I can't give a timeline of events and instead I have to take a certain angle on the event.What I mean by that is, for example, if writing about World War II - "What were the major factors in Germany's defeat in WWII?"I'm kind of unsure what way to twist my essay and make it more specific. Any ideas?

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5 Answers to “Help with a history project on Munich Massacre?”

  1. Hakea says:

    “What were the major factors in Germany’s defeat in WWII?”1. The Allies (American, British, French & Soviet Russian) working in unison through out the War2. German forces’ defeat at Stalingrad & Kursk at the hands of Soviet Russia3. Normandy landing4. Defeat of Japanese navy in the Pacific (at various sectors)5. Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan{Time line is essential in History at least to quote the year, without which there is no meaning. You can “twist” your essay only if you are knowledgeable; or else you’ll fall flat in your attempt}

  2. unproduceableness says:

    Look at how the attack was an attack on the whole world,not just on Israel – the Olympics are for everybody everywhere,not just about one country or one people.

  3. unarraigned says:

    You could talk about how Israel countered terrorism with terrorism and discuss the moral implications of revenge. There’s a lot of controversy, especially in Israel, about whether assassinating terrorists in cold blood was in accordance with the values of a Jewish state, especially when there started to be collateral damage.You could also took about what lead to their decision to take such aggressive action, the history that took them to the point where they would even consider such an aggressive plan.

  4. plaintively says:

    The 1972 Olympics was one of the most important events to postwar Germany, especially compared to the 1936 Olympics in Munich. Like the Japan Olympics eight years before, it was Germany’s big resurrection after the war. And the Holocaust.It all came out of the clear blue. Arab terrorism was still a new phenomenon, and heretofore had been pretty much limited to airliner hijackings, but no killings…yet. One minute there was reportage of records broken, the next there was the hostage-taking, then Jim McKay of ABC Sports interrupting the talking head to report “It’s all over…”How humiliating it was for the Germans, that this should happen to the Israeli team on their soil. And how heartless a thing for the terrorists to do, but that was just the beginning for them. Ever since Munich, heartlessness has been the hallmark of Islamic terrorism. Other than that, Mark Spitz won a bunch of gold medals for swimming, but being Jewish, was promptly put on a plane for the US lest he become another dead hostage too.

  5. therapeutics says:

    Enter “München 1972″, “Olympische Spiele 1972″, “Geiselnahme München 1972″, “Terrorismus” or “GSG 9″ use german words / searching machines. Then look for english links / translations…and then…move on…!