Oxford AND Cambridge admission information for an American student?

Hello, I am a little interested in applying to one of these two schools because I know I can't apply to both. I guess this question is for someone who really knows a lot about these two schools and the admission process. I would like to get some information so that I can find out for myself which school I should apply to, the deadline for applying, and the criteria I need for applying-and also what the ideal american candidate is expected to have. I also would like to know the approximate number of American students applying and how many get accepted-I am a decent student, but I am more confident on my extracurricular activities versus my academic background. I think I really do have a great extracurricular background so if these two schools do not put much emphasis on outside activities, then please let me know because this is really important. I am not someone with a 4.0 GPA-I have around a 3.81 with "C" in only both semesters of AP World History and a few Bs in other classes. Having that in mind, would it be wise for me to apply because I heard that they accept few American high school students and if there are, let's say, thousand of Americans applying, then I see no point for myself to apply.I also understand that students have to apply earlier to these schools than the schools here in America. If that is the case, could I complete my application along with my essays but still take the SAT tests in both October AND November still in time for admission?Please let me know because all this information is really important to me. If you have any other important information that I did not ask for here, please share with me.I really do appreciate your time in answering my question.Thank you so much!

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  1. unequivalent says:

    To apply to Oxbridge, you will need either 3 AP exams scored 5, 5, 5, or 3 SAT II subject tests scored 700+. You don’t need to take those before the deadline date, but if you can, that’s great. As I understand it, you can also take your SAT I test in October, after the deadline date. But you want to email Oxford and Cambridge to be sure of that. The deadline for admissions is 15 October. But that includes submission of any Oxford or Cambridge specific tests they want you to take, so check into that for the course you want. Oxbridge, like most UK unis, admits based on academics and academic potential. Things like extra curriculars don’t matter as much in the UK as they do in the US. So you need to look at your high school grades, your SATs, and your SAT IIs or AP exam grades. This does not, however, mean that you must have a perfect 4.0.