What can I use in place of “there is little that compares to…” in a sentence?

I am writing an essay in which I use repetition of the phrase, "there is little that compares to..." when describing events. I would like a shorter and more precise phrase to use, so as to strengthen the use of the repetition. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble thinking of anything! What can you think of?

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2 Answers to “What can I use in place of “there is little that compares to…” in a sentence?”

  1. warier says:

    try “one of a kind”, “without equal”, “unrivaled”, “without comparison”, or “historical”.

  2. thornbill says:

    Try an adjective in place of the phrase to describe the event. Almost like you’re using the event to define the word.For example:There is little that compares to a cold fruity popsicle on a scorching summer day.Bliss is a cold fruity popsicle on a scorching summer day.There is little that compares to seeing a loved one die.Anguish is seeing a loved one die.Use a thesaurus to choose powerful adjectives to serve your events justice!Or use “You haven’t lived until you’ve…” (insert event)