Who was a person who greatly influenced american comedy?

I have to write an essay about a writer, comedian, entertainer, humorists.. etc who has contributed to the development of American humor. I was thinking about people like Will Rogers and Lucile Ball... If you can give me some suggestions and a little info to back it up it will help so very much! Any and all info appreciated, brownie points for links :D

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4 Answers to “Who was a person who greatly influenced american comedy?”

  1. formulism says:

    George Carlin definitely brought a lot to the table and I think Steve Martin was really the first “off the wall” kind of entertainer so he changed how we look at things too.

  2. podargue says:

    Any of the following really influenced comedy-Joan Rivers- The “Queen of Stand up”. The first EVER and (Sadly) last ever woman of late night. She pioneered a comedy revolution, for all comedians yes, but for woman especially. Before Joan, very few female comedians existed. She can somewhat be accredited for every single female stand up comedian in existence today. She also taught everyone that the moral and ethical line is nonexistent. Everything is fair game.Lucille Ball- Pioneer of the most successful television show of all time. Lucille Ball helped woman get into television and somewhat opened the door for female comedians (however, NOT for stand up). Did you know that the episode of “I Love Lucy” where she gives birth was watched on 8 of ever 10 televisions that where on (so 8 out of 10 people that had a television that was on where watching the baby episode, that’s the second largest (by percentage) audience of all time, only second to something to do with Elvis.George Carlin- The “King of Stand up”. He taught everyone that what we don’t want to talk about is funny. His pushing the line with atheism and the famous (or should I say infamous) words you can’t say on television.

  3. politically says:

    Well for African-American comedy, I would have to say Richard Pryor. It is because of him that today we have our Eddie Murphy’s, Chris Rock’s, Tracey Morgan’s, etc.People were highly influenced by Richard. One thing that I can say that impressed me the most about him was that he decided to never use the “N” word again. In his comedy, he constantly used the “N” word. He said that a trip to Africa changed all of that for him. He said after that, he refused to ever use that word in his vocabulary again.

  4. zealotist says:

    George Carlin (stand up)Bob Newhart (recorded live comedy*) record albums without music) and later, televisionMilton Berle (best known pioneer in early comedy television)[MOVIES then made a sucessful transition to TELEVISION]Jack BennyRed Skelton[MOVIES-BROADWAY-RECORDS-AND TELEVISION]Andy Griffin #