A very important mortgage essay?

please, i need some ideas to continue this story. i need ideas that can keep the story going for at least three more paragraphs.i took out a mortgage for 600,00 when i got my new house. But my monthly mortgage payment just went up. now i pay the interest plus a payment on the principal each month. i can't sell the house since the value of it is now 450,000. i'll still have to pay the rest of the 150,000.make sure to include how a family life can change and a persons fears,

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  1. reimbark says:

    it would be better to state at the begining how much the house was eg as then that would give you more to discuss in the essay as ltv(loan to value eg house was 700.000 took mtge of 600.000 which was 85% of the value of the house.( had 15% equity)..now house is worth 450000 so is in negative equity( house is worth less than what is owed on it) state at what % interest was being paid at…show the difference 1% interest can make to the payments and how a family would find the extra XXX money to pay it..good luck hope i made sense as did not want to write your essay for you but help you to see that it can get plenty more paragraghs in if you went into detail