How was Queen Elizabeth 1 NOT effective?

I'm writing an essay con Queen Elizabeth 1, and I need these questions answered, but all of the answers have to make her sound like an unaffective/bad ruler.1). How did she impact the social scene in England? What did she make worse? (Social meaning class, suffrage, morals, ethics, privelage vs. rights, and fashion and style)2). How did she affect the economy (economy being anything pertaining to money, trade, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, the Isms, or the bourgeousie)?3). How did she affect the intellectual aspect of England? (Intellectual being reason, political or economical theory, science, education, or literature/poetry/drama)need this right now! best answer gets 10 pointsThanks so much, and remember, I need these to be CON Elizabeth 1, so the answers have to make her sound like she was a bad queen.

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  1. lorrel says:

    2). How did she affect the economy (economy being anything pertaining to money, trade, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, the Isms, or the bourgeousie)?The queen did annual trips (especially during plague season in London) commonly referred to as her progress. The map in the source shows the progress of 1561. She travelled with such a large retinue that she commonly bankrupted her host who did not have a choice to refuse her.In the matter of trade, Elizabeth tended to encourage buccaneering (or pirating) to get her objectives. She earned a lot of loot by robbery and pillaging.

  2. pareve says:

    She diminished the number of Catholics,she was not the single ruler(her secretaries made many decision),she was guilty in the execution of her cousin Mary of Stuart(Queen of Scotland),she accepted to wear the stolen Spanish jewels,many people died during The Battle with Spanish Armada(naval),the moral became in some way hypocrite,the feminism appeared through her refuse to marry anybody

  3. EMILIE says:

    but she hasnt been a bad queen