Kids growing up too fast?

Hi. I'm I'm 7th grade and there is a topic that annoys me sooo muchkids growing up too fast.First, I got a FaceBook in 4th/5th grade to keep track with family and only like 3 kids had it and I was not aloud to add them. My sister got hers in 2nd grade and I now in 5th grade. So many little 5th graders have FaceBook now! It's gross! Really, every kid in my grade has a FaceBook but we are either almost (as in 12) or already 13. They are 10/11, gosh... Why do 5th graders need FaceBook anyway? Yeah, to talk to their friends, but FaceBook is too far!When I was in 5th grade, I had a flip phone with no Internet and old school texting. Now, 5th graders have smartphones and Iphones! Just 2 years and there's a huge boost in age and technology.Now the worst... MAKEUPexcuse my languge but why the h e l l do 5th graders need makeup. I am obsessed with makeup now and wear it to school and out but really..5th graders are in elementary school..their skin is so soft and perfect..why ruin it. Alot of girls my age NEED makeup, I don't get severe acne but cover up some of it with foundation, but only in one spot, but 5th graders BARELY have acne. It's gross! Sorry for my "essay" but I'm just pissed off.

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  1. entwines says:

    First of all whats the difference in 12/13 or 10/11? Really, one year isn’t that big a difference.Still, either way, just like back in my middle school years when MYSPACE was the big thing, kids are technically not allowed to have them till their 13, it’s when you’re 13 that you are usually allowed to be online without parental supervision. (But of course no one ever follows that rule).Phones. I remember those days without internet and all that. But also, in this day and age do you know how hard it is to get a regular old phone now? My younger sister is in your grade and still has a plain old no internet phone only because it’s one that I had when I was younger until I upgraded. So that one is easily explained by the industry. It’s like all the kids with ipods instead of MP3′s.Lastely. I agree with makeup but a lot of girl your age DO NOT NEED makeup. No one NEEDS makeup. Makeup is a choice to make oneself feel better. Admit it, you like makeup not only for cover up but because it makes you feel prettier.Anyways all of the girls in my family are not allowed makeup till thirteen and it’s only natural colors, 15 we are allowed foundation. 16 we are allowed to wear colored eye shadow and all that crazy stuff. So I do understand and follow how anyone younger is wearing makeup far too young. Talk about premature wrinkles.Kids are growing up to fast. But if you look at the culture we are exposed to do you think you should really be surprised? Look at yourself. How many times do you argue with your elders because they feel you are doing things that are far to mature for your age? It’s not just kids, it’s everyone.

  2. Thebais says:

    being on facebook isn’t growing up. if they are having fun then who cares?

  3. subherd says:

    Maybe you should just calm down?

  4. noncanvassing says:

    Some places 5th grade is middle school, so makeup isn’t an issue. All you have to complain about is Facebook? Facebook is a joke, even companies have facebook pages now, i can’t wait for a few year so it will be dead as myspace. Also Facebook was intended for college students but it grew, so your just as disgusting as the people you think are grosh.

  5. lampadephoria says:

    In a Way Your right Lol . But Im 15 yr Old and im Flipping out of how is happening but in a way is how the new generation becomes to existence . So hell yeah , its true the world is coming to and end

  6. nikhefh says:

    I agree. 5th graders don’t need Facebook, makeup, or even cell phones. My son is in 7th grade too, but I can’t afford to get him a cell phone as it would cost me an extra $50 a month just to get him serviced.My laptop at home has internet access, but I don’t let him have his own account. He can play games on mine sometimes, but that’s as far as I let it go.I don’t mind if he wants to talk to friends from MY phone. If he had anyone he wanted to call I would let him, but he doesn’t need his own phone. No it’s not necessary.