Persuasive essay topics anyone?

I have to write a persuasive essay in my English 101 class and I can't think of anything to write it on. My teacher says we can't do anything that has been over done like abortion or capital punishment. I don't want to do anything that is going to bore me. But everything I or anyone come up with just doesn't seem to satisfy me. Helpppp :(

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  1. intranarial says:

    How about this: Cyclists are required by law to ride on the street. Bicycles are considered vehicles like cars and follow the same laws. The problem is that both parties, the drivers and the pedestrians get pissed. So persuade the government to build bike lanes.

  2. Carijona says:

    Should Assisted Suicide be Permitted?Should Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic OR guns in general be bannedShould teens who murder be executed?Should dying people be kept on life support?Should convicted sex offenders names be made public?Should the US Provide foreign aid?Should free, disposable needles be given to drug addicts?Should families of victims decide the punishment for the crime commited