I am currently in philosophy 101 and I am a bit lost... professor John Lange lectures his class a bit differently from every other class I have taken. He takes a very European approach in his lectures. It would really be helpful if someone can share the previous essay topics that he assigned. If anyone can help please!

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  1. condyles says:

    Sorry that I cannot provide you with the essay topics, but I just want to give you a quick advice. Professor Lange is indeed not the typical instructor, but that’s what makes him interesting. His knowledge is very broad and it is fascinating that he is able to give the student a taste of many topics and problems in philosophy. Don’t worry too much if you find him challenging because you are not the only one! Take good notes and do your best. If you have a philosophical mind you would still get a good great even if you don’t read all of the assignments. Good luck in your class!