Title for Mercury (element) essay?

I want something "cute" if you will, or something funny. Don't point out the obvious and put stuff like "Mercury" or "Mercury the Element"

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12 Answers to “Title for Mercury (element) essay?”

  1. historicoreligious says:

    The little planet that cried wolf

  2. refounded says:

    Quicksilver – it life and times.

  3. ethnogeographer says:

    What Element Melts at room Temperature?

  4. parsonolatry says:

    “Heavy Metal: Mercury”

  5. munford says:

    mercuy rising

  6. exorcism says:

    It was called “Quicksilver”, that might be an interesting title.

  7. squiredom says:

    Hydrargyrum…The liquid Metal

  8. sheepbine says:

    “Quicksilver” (nickname for the element)”Mercury: The Messenger of Heat” (was used in thermometers)

  9. ganymedes says:

    Mirror of Death

  10. descriptor's says:

    well the symbol is HGi’m sure you can go somewhere with that.Meaning Mercury?haaaa. i’m not good at these =/

  11. briars says:

    listen the title of essay is irrelevant spend more time writing a better essay instead of worrying about the dumb title

  12. depopulate says:

    you could write “HG” or “The Element HG” or “HG The Element Called Mercury” or something along those lines