World History: Europe Essay Questions PLEASE?

ok so i no people will be all like do your own hw. my teacher grades us on a rubric 1-4 and 4 is that i get information on an answer from what she hasnt taught us. i know everything she taught us and what is in the book regarding these questionsso here are the Qs:1. Discuss the motives and goals of Europian exploration (going to asia...india,china, north america) during the 15th century.2. Compare and Contrast the absolute monarchy's of England and France.3. What is the Magna Carta and what is the significance to the evolution of democratic tradition4.What were the causes and effects of the Glorious Revolution?

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    1. Discuss the motives and goals of European exploration (going to asia…india,china, north america) during the 15th century.Make money with the raw resources.2. Compare and Contrast the absolute monarchy’s of England and France.England was Protestant and France was Catholic.3. What is the Magna Carta and what is the significance to the evolution of democratic traditionIt is the first constitution.