Would I capitalize “southern” when referring to a town?

I'm writing an essay and I have this sentence: "Breaking out of innocence, the two will face racial issues and find the truth behind their 1930’s southern town. " Do I capitalize southern?

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3 Answers to “Would I capitalize “southern” when referring to a town?”

  1. enter says:

    You capitalize “southern” if you’re referring to the place it’s in, like the southern United States is sometimes called “the South”.If you’re referring to a direction, like the southern portion of a city, then you leave it uncapitalized.

  2. YADIRA says:

    No. Southern, in this case, is used as an adjective. You would capitalize it if it were part of the name of a place, as in South Carolina, but not as you have used it.

  3. cothren says:

    Sure, why not.