I need a good topic sentence/ attention grabber about god.?

i've decided to write my english hero essay about god, but i just don't know how to start! i have so much i want to say, but i'm stuck, and if i don't write the attention grabber first, i won't be able to write. (wierd i know) please don't tell me to write something else first, because it honestly will bug the crap out of me. please help!

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3 Answers to “I need a good topic sentence/ attention grabber about god.?”

  1. Calimeris says:

    God! Superman without the stupid tights.

  2. stapedectomy says:

    God is not real but he is my favorite literary character

  3. beckert says:

    How bout this?:He was the one single thing, the one biggest concept that fooled the entire world for thousands of years into thinking he was real.i like it.