English! Help me on my essay structure?, 10 points?

I'm in 7th grade and I have to write an essay on the outsiders, the thesis is "Ponyboy feels like an outsider". How should I put the thesis in the introduction so that it captures the reader's interest? My 3 main points for the essay are:1.because he is a member of the greaser gang2. because he has different hobbies from the other greasers3.he has an unusual home lifeCan you turn those points into topic sentences for me? I really can't. The rest of the essay is easy, I'm just stuck on the topic sentences and introduction.Thanksx

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  1. playacts says:

    I like your essay topic, here are some suggestions for your outline: For your Thesis: You said: “Ponyboy feels like an outsider”. To word the thesis part of your introduction in a more sophisticated manner you could try saying something like this: Though an examination of Ponyboy, the main character of The Outsiders, a novel by S.E. Hinton it is clear that his membership in a gang, his contrasting hobbies with the other gang members and his unusual home life contributes to the idea that someone may feel alone or isolated even though they are part of a group. While Ponyboy is a member of the Greaser gang and a family, he still feels like an outsider in his environment.For the Topic sentences: Some Possible Topic sentences: You said: 1.because he is a member of the greaser gang:–Ponyboy’s membership in the Greaser gang increases rather than decreases his feelings of separation from others. You said: 2. because he has different hobbies from the other greasers:–While the other Greasers have hobbies like ________ and ________, Ponyboy enjoys _________. -Then maybe you should describe in detail what these differences are by getting a couple examples / instances from the novel to support your point (2 is usually enough). I would suggest using a quote from the novel to support your answer, but if you do remember to put it in quotation marks ” “, followed by the page number where you found it in the book in brackets (___).You said: 3. he has an unusual home life: –Ponyboy’s family circumstance helps contribute to his sense of self-isolation. -Then just describe how and why you think his unusual family life causes him to be different. What is different about his family when compared to other familys? Good Luck with your essay!

  2. bubblehead says:

    The Outsiders – S. E. HintonStudy Guides: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …Official Book & Movie Website [external link]

  3. overdearness says:

    What is an outsider? Is it the person that everyone laughs at? Is the person that doesn’t belong? Is it the person that no one likes? We’ll discover these queries using “Ponyboy” as the example.Gangs live on the edge of society. Everyone fears them and they are not welcome.Do all of your friends have the same hobbies and likes as you? Are you sure you really know them all? Ponyboy feels left out because….Your family is the first example of social life that a person knows. Some families work smoothly like clock work, but Ponyboy has a family that is unique.Do these help?I don’t really know how to help you any more without reading your paper first hand.Shane

  4. polysomia says:

    (Thesis) Pony Boy feels like an outsider, because has to endure the pressure of a gang, different hobbies, and struggles at home.(TS1) Being a member of the greaser gang emphasizes how much of an outsider pony boy really is.(TS2) Pony boy’s different interests outside of the gang, really brings out this loner side.(TS3) Pony Boy goes through many struggles in his unusual home life.I’m sorry if these are crap, change them to what you need, because I don’t know what you want to write in your paper…these are just ideas=)