Essay writing problem. tips please..?

ok everytime i write an essay for college or just for fun i always go through a delusional phrase.1. i start writing the essay and thinks oh ok i am doing good, this essay doesn't sounds too bad.2.when i finished writing, i re-read my work and it sounds like crap. i mean it just doesn't flow well, i put transitions in the last sentence of every paragraph but it happens to sound forced, you know? so how do i make my essays flow well while i'm writing it? it's horriflying to read my essays b/c one day i'm going to think it's good then the next day, i think it's crap.

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  1. skaffie says:

    Your first draft shouldn’t be perfect. When you go back and read it the next day, that’s when you make the changes. Sometimes even 3 or 4 revisions. The best route to take is to write it, self-edit, give it to a friend to look at and critique, get a teacher or adult to critique it, then go back and make necessary changes. Nobody’s essay is complete after the first draft.

  2. doloroso says:

    check this out for essay writing tips: [external link] it helps :)