Help! how can i write a 5 paragraph essay about oedipus the king?

ok, my teacher is very moody all the frkn quiet in class, but my classmates aren't...they d0nt ever seem to shut she just gave us this essay to write about oedipus the king, and idk how to do it......HELP ME PLZ!

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5 Answers to “Help! how can i write a 5 paragraph essay about oedipus the king?”

  1. dismalest says:

    I read this story last year when i was in 10th grade. Did she give u guys a promt and what she wants u to right about? if not analyze the story or write an essay about the literal devices that are used in the story.

  2. purenesses says:

    Here are your paragraphs. Nice and Easy A+!Introduction- blah blah blah filler wordsWhy its sooo awesome to have sex with your mom and be your kid’s brother too- blah blah blah filler wordsTalk a lot about stabbing out your own eyes! (atleast 50% of the paper)Why old blind men aren’t to be trusted. (if they ARE so smart, why are their eyes so dumb?) -filler words blah blah blahAnd finish up with how much the movie 300 taught you what it was like to live in that time period.

  3. logeum says:

    do this for ALL YOUR PAPERS: this will help you in high school, all the way through college. 1. have a thesis (it is your opinion: he was stupid, it was out of his control, it is better to remain stupid then to know the truth, ect.)2. go off from there: answer this: why? why was he stupid? why is it better not to know the truth? how was it out of his control? how was it _____’s fault? use evidence from the book: “like the time when (person) did _________” and then interpret it: “it showed that _________________”that’s how you write it. think of each paragraph as a bullet point. it was out of his control because: 1. it was predestined by the gods2. it was puishment for his father’s foolishness thinking he could get out of it3. the prophet said that there was no getting out of it. and each of these bullet points would be a paragraph.

  4. teder says:

    Well, first you think of WHAT you want to write about King Oedipus.Once you figure that out, use that as your first topic sentence. Here’s the guideline.Introduction-Here you write something to grab your readers attention, and state your thesis(main idea)1st Paragraph-Write about a detail proving your thesis.2nd paragraph-Write about another detail proving your thesis3rd paragraph-Write about one more detail proving your thesis.Conclusion-Basically a summary of what you were trying to say, restating your thesis.

  5. drewski says:

    You need to come up with a thesis statement. For example, your thesis could be something like, “Oedipus the King is about how, no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape fate.” The point is, your thesis should make a claim that is not necessarily obvious.Then organize your essay like this:Paragraph 1: State your thesis firmly. Explain what you mean by your terms. (“By ‘fate,’ I mean…”) Put the play in context. (“Oedipus the King is a classic Greek tragedy that deals with questions of fate and free will. It is set in ___________ and was written by Sophocles in the year _________.”)Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: Each of these paragraphs should be dedicated to one example that supports your thesis. For example, if you are using the thesis that Oedipus is about how you can’t escape fate, then one paragraph might be about how Oedipus tries to avoid murdering his father in accordance with his predetermined fate. In the end, of course, by leaving home Oedipus meets his true father in the road and kills him, thus actually fulfilling his fate. That idea supports your thesis. Now you need two other supporting ideas, one for each paragraph.Paragraph 5: Conclusion. Restate your thesis and explain why your examples from paragraphs 2-4 prove the thesis to be true.