Can anyone chack my writing please?

Please chack my comarative analysis I have to submit it tommorow is it right or not please please please correct it. thank you.There are some common similarities that Beth from the story "The Truth About Sharks" and Jamal from the film ‘’Finding Forester’’ share are vivid. The similarities between Beth and Jamal are clear: they are sixteen years old and both were accused for something that they have not done. Like Beth, she was accused by the security guard that she was trying to steal the cloths from the store. Beth just got up from her bed and headed to Mitchell Gail’s store without worrying about her appearance. That is why security guard Madge P. Groton presumes that Beth is a thief and then she handed her to the police officer Brennerman. Similarly, Jamal Wallace appears nothing more than a basketball player in front of his professor Crawford. He said to Jamal; "Either u have been blessed with uncommon gift that is sudden decided to kick in or you are getting inspiration from else where." (but at actually he had read a lot of novels at home). He accuses him of plagiarism because he handed in a re-written essay of one of Forrester's works that was published in a magazine in 1960.In life, some people can help you and lead you a better life. Such as, Hannah, she helped Beth telling the truth to the police officer that she has not stolen the pair of jeans and if she was about to steal the jeans why she left her coat and purse in the changing room? That is how she helps her.Similarly, Forrester surprise visit to the school to address the professor's accusations in person, and reads Jamal's apology letter in order to prove him innocence.The school drops all charges against Jamal and allows him to stay.( can I change it to both wrer caring Like beth with Hannah , beth heard her story……………and Jamal was also caring about Forester that is why they got help from them?)pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee . Thank you.

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  1. pulu says:

    OK. take out “are vivd” it doesn’t really make sense in the context.accused of, not accused for.Clothes, not clothshanded her over to the policean uncommon gift that has suddenly decided to kick inWhy has she left her coat and purse in the changing room.Forrester’s surprise visit.Yeah, you could add at the end that both experienced care from other people.Hope this helps