“History is the witness of the time, the torch of the truth, the life of memory, the teacher of life…?

... the messenger of antiquity, and the transmitter of the values and lessons of civilization" -CiceroIn a carefully thought- out and organized analytical essay, explain why you believe Cicero's statement suggests that Western Civilization is a continuum in which the development of each era is dependent on and joined to the preceding one. Use specific examples.This is a final exam question that I can't seem to be able to answer properly. The "specific" examples used must be a civilization... Any important civilization including and between the Babylonian Empire and the Roman Empire.China, India, Greece, Macedonia, etc.

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  • History is the witness of the time the torch of the truth

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    The Renaissance might be a good place to start.The ideas of the renaissance were heavily influenced by the art and philosophy of ancient Greece.And of course, the art and philosophy of the Renaissance era have affected art and history for the last 500 years.