Lord of the Flies help!?

So I have to write a 4-5 page essay on Lord of the Flies by William Golding for AP English, and so far I'm almost to page 4. I have like nothing left to say, though. Mostly what i need is more information on the symbolism of the Lord of the Flies (you know, the pig head). If it helps, here's the question and what my paragraph is so far: "Outline a possible interpretation for each of the three major symbols of the novel. Discuss the Lord of the Flies, the Beast on the Mountain, and the conch for its figurative meaning in the novel, possibly relating the three symbols into an allegorical level of the novel." Lastly, the Lord of the Flies is a bloodied, severed sow’s head that was put on a stick by Jack as an offering for the Beast. This symbol becomes the most important symbol of the novel when Simon starts having an argument with the head and it appears to answer him, saying that evil is inside of every human. It also tells him that he is going to have a little "fun" with him (p. 144). This "fun" foreshadows to Simon’s death in the chapter that follows. The Lord of the Flies is also a physical representation of the Beast on the Mountain, in that it symbolizes fear, evil, and is the satanic figure who causes the beast to come out in every human being. When the Lord of the Flies is giving Simon his lecture of sorts on page 143, it says, "You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go?…" This is most likely Golding’s way of showing the evil that is in existence within every person. This is shown because he combines the evil that is the Lord of the Flies with the good that is Simon. Using Biblical parallels, the Lord of the Flies is actually the English translation of Beelzebub, one of the most powerful demons in hell, who is also sometimes thought of as the Devil himself. This makes the name the Lord of the Flies very appropriate for the character, because just as the Devil tells us things that get us to doubt God and his ways, the Lord of the Flies tells Simon things that cause him to doubt himself, those around, and basically all of mankind.

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    Here are some more symbols:Piggy’s glasses- A symbol for Power. Whoever possesses these glasses can cook food and this is the source of survival. When Jack has them, it enhances his leadership. Also, when Jack has them, he is able to further subordinate Piggy. Beast- A symbol for fear/power. The beast is part of the boys’ imaginations. Jack uses the conception of a beast to frighten the boys. As the boys desire protection, they gravitate their loyalties toward Jack. So, it is the source of the boys’ fear and strengthens Jack’s power.Conch- A symbol for order. The conch represents order and civility as it brings all the boys together for meetings. In the meetings, they discuss rules and concerns, which is similar to a democracy. It also creates order, because one can only speak when holding the conch. This prevents chaos as nobody is speaking out of turn. Lastly, the conch is fragile and breakable! When Piggy is murdered, he drops the conch and it shatters. This reveals the destruction of order!Lastly, if your going to talk about the Pig head, do not ignore physical decay! The head is being decomposed, which is a symbol for the boy’s’ moral degradation! Lastly, Simon is the purest boy on the Island, which is also why he reacts so negatively to the head, a symbol for pure evil.Let me know if you have nay further questions.