Shinto and Buddhism ? Need you help to understand.?

Do either religions believe in the death penalty? Very curious, as ding an essay on culture- ethics and dominant religions within a countries culture. THank you so much.

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4 Answers to “Shinto and Buddhism ? Need you help to understand.?”

  1. torbernite says:

    buddhism doesn’ tbelieve in killing anything. not animals, not plants.

  2. coproductions says:

    It’s “Hammer” time! His/her answer is correct and succinct._()_

  3. kimono says:

    This site will give you more in-depth answers. Basically, no.

  4. chestnuts says:

    well, when you say death penalty do you mean Karma? because for Buddhism, they definitely believe in their karma and are very cautious with what actions and decisions they choose to take. But im not particularly sure with shinto, i suppose it WOULD probably be similar if you are talking about karma,