How did Galileo, Descartes,’Newton alter traditional interpretations of Nature’challenge sources of knowledge?

its for a free resposne essay in my ap euro class and i dont have time to read the entire chapter tonight. help please!

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  • how did galileo descartes and newton alter traditional interpretations of nature and challenge traditional sources of knowledge

One Answer to “How did Galileo, Descartes,’Newton alter traditional interpretations of Nature’challenge sources of knowledge?”

  1. silicar says:

    I won’t go into details but the pretty obvious answer is that all of these people presented ideas based upon science, where as the church usually determined what nature was about. So by them suggesting doctrines not supported by the church, it not only altered societies view of nature, but challenged traditional thought and opposed the church. You have to remember, before the 1800′s, the church wrote the book of life. And anything not stated by the church was considered to be blasphemy.