I was invited to a dinner to read a winning essay for a contest?

Do you think I'll have to say a few extra words or i just have to read the essay? The contest was major and over 300 people will be there because I was the state finalist. Also, do you have any advice or tips on how to stay cool and collected during the reading?

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2 Answers to “I was invited to a dinner to read a winning essay for a contest?”

  1. sardars says:

    I think your response will depend on what kind of essay contest it was. If it involved a website, you could probably find more information there. If you do end up reading, I would recommend deep breathing beforehand. When you get up there, your top priority should be to slow down, because if you are nervous, you are more likely to speak up. Smile a lot, and try to laugh about the whole situation. You’re there because you obviously did something great, so there’s nothing to be afraid about. :)

  2. outwritten says:

    Well congratulations, but just try to read the essay, don’t try to improvise because you might get nervous and forget what you have planned to say, then this bring some kind of embarrassment, just stick to the essay, believe me, it will be the best to do..☺