I’m writing an essay for uni, what should i have for my lunch to get my brain going?

just about to have some dinner, whats good brain food to keep me concentrating this afternoon?thanks

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4 Answers to “I’m writing an essay for uni, what should i have for my lunch to get my brain going?”

  1. ephori says:

    Have a good meal like egg mayo on a jacket potato, then have a Snickers or mars bar for afters because the sugar is meant to give your brain a boost. -Banana’s are nature’s mars bars

  2. choroidoiritis says:

    bit of fresh steamed oily fish or chicken and some salad. have some fruit like bananas and icecream after words. this will keep your energy up

  3. somniloquize says:

    they always say omega 3- so fish and fresh foods.i always found munching on a packet of hoolahoops whilst working helped me concentrate on revising for my exams lol.

  4. differentiated says:

    Something you like!Bananas are good. I’d recommend Tuna pasta salad or something nice like that. Something high in energy to keep you going!Nothing too ‘heavy’ because then you wont feel like working.Good luck with the essay!