Please, if you may tell me what is wrong with this essay letter to the board.-for school, its not really real!?

Dear President of Board, The information from the Holocaust and genocide should not be eliminated. I disagree about how the Board wants to eliminate all of the information we have learned. The Holocaust and genocide are big things that should be remembered and known to those who did not know about it. The new generation will not forget if they knew about it. Prepare people for future problems. Also, to prevent it from happening again. First, remembering will help. Letting others know will make a difference. People who have not heard of the Holocaust and genocides should know about it. Lastly, we may make a difference if we let others know about it. Showing others to care from letting it happen again will reduce the chances to happen again.Second, the future will stay in our hands. "But it is not too late for today’s children, ours and yours. It is for their sake alone that we bear witness…that we are duty-bound to denounce anti-Semitism, racism and religious or ethnic hatred…the past is in the present, but the future is still in our hands." Elie Wiesel showed his son the past, where he used to live, and the concentration camps. People should tell others about the past, so they can tell others about it, too and then it wont stay in our hands, and it will go in someone else’s so they can tell and keep it going one after another. Third, showing others that we care, makes them want to care. "The world is too dangerous to live in, not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen." If someone learns about the Holocaust and genocides, and does not care, it will be like letting it happen over and over again. There should not be people who let things happen for bad reasons and not do anything about it. People should care and show others that they do. The information from the Holocaust and genocide should not be eliminated. Remembering will help. The future will stay in our hands if we do not care. Showing others that we care, makes them want to care. We do not want to be endangered for other genocides to happen. We want to be prepared before something similar like this happens again.

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One Answer to “Please, if you may tell me what is wrong with this essay letter to the board.-for school, its not really real!?”

  1. retted says:

    Your essay rambles on and you repeat yourself. Also, you prove your opinions with more opinions and you should show examples or facts to support your ideas. The evidence you use sounds just like more opinions. FInd facts that prove your point. Also, you have sentence fragments, which makes your essay difficult to read.