How would i construct an essay for to kill a mockingbird? Please Help!?

How would i construct an essay for to kill a mockingbird? Please Help!?Im doing it on that if mayella ewell told the truth in the court, would tom still be convicted? Im gonna say that he would still and relate it to the scottsboro trial. How do i write a good intro that includes a"hook" to get the reader into the paper. And how would i write a thesis statement?Its an anylitic`al paper and im not quite sure how to set it up

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  1. sweden says:

    Your idea is very unique and will make a good paper. Old Tom was stunned as Mayella Ewell sat on the witness stand, went against her father’s promptings and told the truth about trying to seduce him when he was working on the Ewell house. “Most certainly the jury will believe the truth now,” thought the defendent. Yet………….You can make this one work……….good luck!