Macbeth help! pleasee!?

I'm writting an essay about macbeth and the topic i was given was about how the audience, even after wtaching all the stuff macbeth does, still feels pity for him. referring as specifically as possible to the play, evaluate macbeths terrible actions and why they do not destroy our sympathy and,, i need a thesis statement. but ive never written an essay before. i understand th thesis is supossed to be your argument,, but what am i arguing? what could a possible thesis statement be?Bren.

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  1. Samuel says:

    Shakespeare portrayed Macbeth as a strong, loyal, man of valor when the play starts but his tragic flaw of his driving ambition ultimately led to his own destruction.Explain how his own ambition led to his downfall. Example fulfilling the witches prophecy wrongly and getting so caught up in his own guilt and evil ways.