Problem is political ideology for my essay?

well please dont say anything pointless that wont help me out... i am doing an essay for ap government and the last part is about political ideology. so my result for a test i took was that i am a "social conservative". is that a "political ideology". in the assignment description, the packet says to use one of the 5 point self indentification scales (strong liberal, liberal, leaning liberal, leaning conservative, conservative, strong conservative) and to stay away from just being liberal or is Social Conservative a political ideology that i can use in my essay? if not, then what are political ideologies? i know the Constitution Party is a party about SCism but if anyone could help me out...thanks! best answer for the first and best answer!

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  1. tensileness says:

    Yes, it is a political ideology. Ideologies are broader ideas – political leanings, fiscal positions, beliefs and morals.