Can someone please help me with my language arts project?

I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on Clara Brown. This is a historic African American Project. I have to answer questions about her and each answer to a question should be at least one paragraph long.That means 5 sentences each.Here are the questions and they MUST be answers in ONE PARAGRAPH,1.What was the persons childhood/upbringing like?PARAGRAPH 2, What were the persons achievements that make his/her a historic African American?PARAGRAPH 3, Do you think this person was creating history/inspiration when he/she was living his/her life?Just put ur opinion in one paragraph please.PARAGRAPH 4, Why did u choose this person? DOn't worry about this paragraph i'll do this one on my own. :-)PARAGRAPH 5, What was it about this person's life that makes him/her inspirational to other?REMEMBER MY PERSON IS CLARA BROWN!Please answer these in complete sentence and only important information.Only answer this question if ur going to do it and not be mean or give me stupid ans.Thankyou!

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  1. sterlings says:

    ok i have had to do 10 paragraph essays and it only takes up a good hour to do. so do it yourself. on like a rainy day or something.

  2. aflagellar says:

    I am not going to do your homework for you, and I hope that no one else does either. There are so many resources on the internet to help you with this project, so it won’t be difficult for you. Start with an internet search of “Clara Brown” and see what you come up with. Here, I’ll even do that part for you. Just click: [external link] ‘hl=e…