Do I have a chance at University of Maryland College park?

3.4 gpa unweighted. 3.5 weightedthe hard classes that i took was honors US 1, Honors US 2, AP Enviro, AP Psych, and I am going to take AP Chem, Honors engineering tech, honors abnormal psych, and AP Euro as a senior.I have not played any sports throughout high school, however I am in 5 clubs at school. I am the president and the founder of one of the clubs... so I have a leadership position. I have 350 hours of volunteering at the hospital and currently am a EMT cadet (Emergency medical tech). I also have a scuba diving certification, if that helps at all. i want to go to this university to major in criminal justice. I will probably write my essay about how I wish to save the world from the negatives of criminals...

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One Answer to “Do I have a chance at University of Maryland College park?”

  1. wainscoted says:

    sure, a chance.