How much would you pay for Vicodin, Ativan, and other narcotics on the street?

Soo, for my psych class, I'm doing an essay on children and perscriptian drugs and abuse blah blah blah.I feel kind of silly asking people around m e, 'cause all my friends are druggies.So yeah :Phelp? :/

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  1. scalewort says:

    So I live in Massachusetts near Boston and here is what things cost.1 Pill of 1mg Ativan is $1-$31 Pill of 5mg Vicodin is $2-$51 Pill of 5mg Percocet is $4-$71 Pill of 10mg Vicodin is $4-$81 Pill of 10mg Percocet is $6-$101 Pill of 80mg Oxycontin is $80Heroin is $30-$50 for .2 to .3 of a gram But can go a lot higher or a lot lower depending on quality

  2. sungate says:

    With prescriptions the market is less organized. There may not be a dealer involved at all. I would assume the price fluctuates a lot more and is just whatever the buyer and seller come to. Probably 5-10 times the price the pharmacy charges with a prescription just guessing.