Please read my essay for internship if you can.?

This essay is for an internship that I am applying to. The internship is to do lab research in psychology. Any opinions and comments are greatly appreciated. Also, if you see any common grammar mistakes such as subject-verb agreements, or any grammar mistakes that really strikes out, please point them out. Thanks!Prompt: Describe which area(s) of research interest you.My mother has always said: "Recuerda que sigues luchando aunque eres Hispana." (This translates to: "remember to keep striving even if you are Hispanic.") The saying implies that stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination (or prejudice to refer to the three) still exist and target Hispanics. The existence of prejudice is evident throughout my life in school and in my neighborhood, the media, the immigration debate, and in many other places. Prejudice may have had affected my performance, self-esteem, and other known factors. However, the existence of prejudice instead makes me wonder how and why it still exists, and how it really affects stigmatized groups, such as Hispanics.I want to become a research psychologist to conduct studies regarding stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. Being a research psychologist would help me find answers to questions I have; for example, are the Hispanic communities are significantly discriminated against and if so, why this occurs? I am for my experience as Hispanic to guide me in developing research hypothesis that I can test. Thus, I assume from my experience that prejudice still exist and influencing Hispanics’ lives. I am interested in doing lab research in social psychology to see how situational factors can cause stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination toward Hispanics and other marginalized groups. Could it be possible that external factors, and not internal factors, explain prejudice? For example, could the pressure to make a decision to determine whether a Hispanic is guilty affects in finding the Hispanic guilty? It could be possible the environment is what leads to this prejudiced decision.Even though being a researcher in social psychology would enable me to deal with stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination, being a researcher in other specific fields of psychology, such as community and developmental psychology allows me to achieve this. Community psychology is important in how to better the lives of Hispanic communities and bridge the game between the marginalized and non-marginalized groups. In addition, developmental psychology is useful to see how children process prejudice. Hence, I am also open to other fields of psychology that deal with prejudice.By being a researcher psychology, I would like to discover how and why stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination exist and how they affect many groups. People believe that prejudice has disappeared. However, prejudice still exists in many different ways that do not appear to be obvious to society. It also has been affecting marginalized groups, such as Hispanics. Thus, I would like to be a researcher psychology to conduct studies that would show that prejudice still significantly exists and impacts the marginalized groups, such as Hispanics.

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  1. fujisho says:

    Writing an essay such as this is a bad idea for countless reasons. To be perfectly frank, if the person reading this essay isn’t hispanic, they are going to reject your application on the spot. You are seriously overplaying the whole being a minority thing. Even if they happen to be Hispanic they still might disagree with you.As a general rule, never take a strong opinion in any type of job application, unless specifically asked. The odds are too great that the person reading it will disagree with you.Also, I’m not entirely sure where you got the naive view that you have any say in what you research/do but you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.