What should I say to a teach that thinks I cheated?

So I am aware that this looks very sketchy and suspicious. Today I had to make up a test. I had to go out in the hallway and take it. So my teacher handed me my test, my bubble sheet, and my piece of paper for my essay was on my desk. I grabbed all three and went into the hall and took my test. It was a easy test. I came back inside and in front of the whole class I handed him my bubble sheet, my test, and my essay. Right at that moment I realized I was holding my review sheet with all the answers on it! I was like "..oh my god.." and my teacher said, "excuse me? what is that?" and I was like "I don't even know why it's with me. I didn't even realize I had it until right now! I didn't look at it at all!" Then the whole class was calling me a cheater. After class once everyone was gone I talked to him and honestly explained to him what happened and that I was not cheating. If I was I would have been smart enough to hide my sheet once I walked in the class. He said he would correct my test and if I get a better score than normal than I will be in trouble. Later he called my mom and explained to her that the last two tests I took I got 32/50 and 38/50 and this time I got 48/50. He said he will probably give me like a 40 to average it out because he doesn't know if I cheated or not. I really didn't cheat! What do I tell him so I can get all my points!

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3 Answers to “What should I say to a teach that thinks I cheated?”

  1. heptarchy says:

    I think you just need to be honest about it, tell the truth like you have been. The problem with adults is once they have decided they are right they will refuse to believe anything else. the 40 seams really unfair though, I’d think you should at least get a 50.

  2. aflat says:

    Awww, I am sorry he thought you cheated & really didn’t. Well, I would say the best thing to do is talk to the teacher straight & say that you cross your heart & did not cheat. If he still does not believe you then you may have to let out some tears & he might reconsider! Sometimes it does work when teachers think they made you feel bad. Don’t Worry, everything is going to be OK!

  3. prejudicious says:

    Do not confront him in front of other students because he will come out fighting. What you need to do is to meet with him and tell him honestly that you did not cheat. Ask him if you can retake the test to prove that you actually know course material. Tell him that you know that it looks bad but you are willing to make good on this one. You may have to suck up a little but it is much better than failing the course.Ok I am writing this from an ADULT’s perspective but it is what it is. If it appears to be cheating, then a teacher will assume that it is cheating because 90% of the time it is cheating. I know that this does not seem fair but put yourself in his place. He may have 120 other students to deal with each day and does not have the time a patience to ponder each situation. That is why it is important for you to have a good dialog with him. If this does not work, speak with your guidance counselor who may be able to mediate the situation.