Rate my 30min essay in an ACT rubric (1-6), please! And tips to how to improve it?

Now a days, students wear clothes that express who they are, but sometimes these clothes cause problems in school. Some students have been repeatedly abused for what they wear. It could be from what type of clothes they wear, or from what type of clothes they don’t have. If schools have dress codes that chose what clothes students should wear, then there would be less students getting picked on in class. Dress codes can also affect the way a student preforms in school. Most students worry about what they should wear in school and this distracts students from focusing on school work. A dress code would help students to block fashion thoughts out of their heads. People may argue that dress codes are unAmerican, but dress codes can help schools have a safer learning environment.

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  1. JANICE says:

    3. It lacks transitions. If you are given 30 minutes to write an essay this is way to short. Also, try not to use contractions in any form of essay writing. Indent. Pick one side, don’t talk about other people’s opinions.

  2. aline says:

    2. You need to write more. You have two reasons: students would be picked on less and they would do better in school since they are not distracted by their outfit choices. Each of these needs to be its own paragraph, supported with evidence taken from your personal experience or an “official” source (like a study or article). You also need an introduction with a concrete thesis statement, and a conclusion. This essay should be 4-5 paragraphs long.Here is an example of an essay that scored a 4: [external link] …An essay that scored a 5: [external link] …And an essay that scored a 6: [external link] …They are all very detailed and provide a lot of information. The two reasons you gave in your essay are fine, they just need evidence and examples to back them up, and you need an introduction and conclusion.