Comparative Essay Help?

im writting a comparative essay for english class. the two texts are "the lottery" by shirley jackson and "harrison bergeron" by kurt vonnegut. i need to know some similarities and diffrences between the two texts. shoot everything you got at me. the one with the most ideas gets 10pts! thanks!

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  1. bishopr says:

    They are both things that are happening now. The fact that people still think that winning that lottery will help their children have a better place in society from a financial standpoint. The fact that people need to go through an eccentric form of education to be considered valid in an area of occupation. That people go through the motions without even considering the fact that the system is set up that way. People want and need to learn what the system provides for them to achieve. Do you think the people who discovered higher forms of scientific, economic, mathematical, artistic, and spiritual formulas took courses to learned it all from a book, or took previous knowledge from those walks of knowledge and progressed through individual philosophy? Moral of the story? Don’t ever take any ones word for it. Find the truth for your self. Learn, discover, and create. Don’t take what society in general lays down in front of you.

  2. guardsmen says:

    Similarities:Both are short storiesThey are tragedies… people die. Tessie and Bergeron both complain about the unfairness of the society before being killed. Both deaths were believed by everyone else to be necessary.Both societies have obscure ways of dealing with situations.Differences:The Lottery was set in a small villageIt was a tradition in the village to sacrifice for a good harvestThe sacrifice was completely randomThe story was not set at a specific time periodIn HB, the story was set in the entire USThe motive for the killing was to ensure equalityThe killing was specific and no one was killed who did not violate the amendmentsThe story was set in the future