How is “Treasuring Blossoms”? How do I write a personal essay out of this poem?

I treasure the day; tree blossoms spoke to us whispered their affections in our earsAnd autumn made our flowers soar and restWe were hand in hand walking down our pathway, shyly skipping over pink petal leaves.And you said to me"We’ll fill my carry-on with blossoms, set our feelings into oneThe nights away won’t be as lonesomeThen, every spring when I return, we’ll unpack our suitcase of old memoriesAnd make our blossoms bloom, again."I sit here looking in your eyes and all the seasons we’ve spend apart, fade awayWe unpacked our flowers when seasons changed and brought to light, passionSpring brought our blooming flowers, budding their way homeI am writing am essay about the first day I met my boyfriend but I made a poem instead. What should I make my essay about?

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    Translate every word, image, and trope into the literal.