How would you end an essay about the Moon Landing Theory?

I need to write a conclusion to my essay on "did we land on the moon" etc. I DO believe we went to the moon and i already have a paragraph saying why i believe. So i need something else to say. If you could help that would be great!

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12 Answers to “How would you end an essay about the Moon Landing Theory?”

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  2. tripennate says:

    Your essay should cover all the opinions. a paragraph with your position is good, I would put it toward the end. a paragraph or two covering each of any contrasting opinions would be critical to a complete essay. Each position aught to have one evidentiary point to keep it from looking like a moronic statement.Optionally you would add paragraphs about the philosophical, ethical, and moral implications of the various points of view, and in this case on the fact that there are conflicting points of view. If you can organize your topics in groups of three, it will feel persuasive and complete.Lastly, if you are not trying to persuade, you should state that the conclusion is up to the reader. If you are trying to persuade, you should never say, “I think…” or “in my opinion…” as these phrases weaken your position and destroy any authority you may have established.

  3. foulards says:

    You can end it with “Isn’t it time to go back to the Moon?”But that will start another big debate about whether or not we should.

  4. bergene says:

    I think you need to back up a bit. Chances are good your teacher was around to actually see the Moon landings. You writing an entire essay about whether or not they happened as if it were a matter of belief or opinion instead of a matter of simple fact is equivalent to someone writing about whether or not 9/11 happened. It can come over as incredibly insulting and ignorant, since you’re basically taking a historical fact and then saying it’s simply a matter of opinion instead and writing a whole essay about belief instead of fact. If I were your teacher, chances are good you would fail this assignment.

  5. tahrs says:

    The Moon LANDINGS (plural, not singular; there were SIX successful manned landings, and a few robotic landings done by Russians, check on Wikipedia for Lunokhod ) are not a theory, they are facts. Before you write your essay, you should check this page which explains (by means of example) just what a theory really is: [external link]

  6. fadel says:

    Okay, 1. Make sure you have both sides of the opinion2. It’s not a theory, it’s a conspiracy theory that we didn’t land on the moon3. If you people would actually research there is extensive evidence that the apollo moon landings were fake. 4. You could end it by saying “I believe that the Apollo moon landings were real, but some people don’t. What’s your opinion?” or something similar to that.

  7. Conidae says:

    It’s not a “theory”. It’s a FACT!.

  8. negotiates says:

    I would conclude by noting that any possible conspiracy to fake the Moon landings would be far more difficult to accomplish than actually landing on the Moon.The practice of history has been described, only semi-facetiously, as often the choice of the least absurd explanation. All “Moon Landing is Fake” explanations are incredibly absurd, an actual Moon landing is not.

  9. treetex says:

    The Apollo missions to the Moon were some of the most public and best documented activities in all human history. It only seems like they were not because so little attention is given to them today. At the time they were as closely scrutinized as the super bowl or Olympic games are today. But some people just love a conspiracy. Those people will never accept any proof the landings happened. Even if they were taken to the Moon on a new mission and shown the foot prints, flags, and decent stages still there, they would just claim the government secretly put all those things there just before showing them the place, as part of the conspiracy. Just like they refuse to believe the pictures recently taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of the Apollo landing sites.

  10. hypodicrotous says:

    It has been proven by space exploration that the Moon exists as a mass structure which floats in space without weighting anything.When astronauts float in space they experience weightlessness.So any celestial body that floats in space has no weight at all.This was the greatest discovery in history’

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    Are you for real..? Or, do you work for fox.. aka: faux news..?

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