What were the strengths and weaknesses of Greek Athens?

i am doing an essay on the strengh and weaknesses of greak athensi know their strengths were that of democracy, military, culturebut can their pride which (they were overly prideful) and arrogancy be considered a weakness if not what could be? am having trouble finding their strengths/weaknesses.

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4 Answers to “What were the strengths and weaknesses of Greek Athens?”

  1. outlay says:

    Strength: Lots and lots of gold and silver.Weakness: To much of the gold and silver.Think about it.

  2. calesa says:

    Athens weakness wasn’t pride, Spartans were even more proud than Athenians since they didn’t even built a wall to protect their city being proud of their might, and still they beat Athens and it’s allies. Athens democracy was both it’s strength and weakness since most of the excellent people that came forth due to democracy, were at the same time persecuted due to it (ostracism), in fear that they might get even more power. Also although at home democracy was well held, when it came to it’s allies Athens policies looked like monarchy and it’s allies started to resent her, especially after they occupied and destroyed an island that denied to pay the high taxes that were required by Athens, which was previously an ally. Hope that helps. So another weakness was it’s foreign policies towards it’s allies.

  3. systematizes says:

    Ancient Athens has alway wanted to control more and more of the land around them. This eventually led to war between all the Greeks. This was the Peloponnesian War. In hindsight you could say that was their weakness. The Athenian leadership prideful in wishing to express their culture and ideals to others around them, lead them to be blinded to their arrogance towards the way of thinking of others causing division, disunity and warOther weaknesses can be found in their military and fighting force. Athen had a good navy, but lack strength fighting on land (which Sparta was superior at). As an Athenian, life was a creative wonderland, you could get a good education and could pursue any of several kinds of arts or sciences. You could serve in the army or navy, but you didn’t have to. (This applied only to boys, girls were restricted to other pursuits, not war or business or education.) in contrast a Spartan life was simple. The focus was on obedience and war. Slavery made this possible by freeing the young men from household and industrial duties and allowing them to focus on their military duties. Young boys were trained to be warriors; young girls were trained to be mothers of warriors. When it came to fighting and a life of war, a Spartan was more prepared for the harsh reality.

  4. frezzo says:

    Arguments, greed and jealousy was the weakness – advancement in science (both military and civilian), colonies with gold and silver filled chests was the strength of them.Didn’t help them against the Spartans but.