How id the Global History regents graded?

I want to get at least a 90 like on all of my past regents. How many multiple choice would I need to get correct and what should I get as far as essays are concerned for at least a 90 on the regents?I'm an AP World History student, so I'm not familiar with the global regents scoring.

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2 Answers to “How id the Global History regents graded?”

  1. llewxam says:

    There is a conversion chart for your essay scores and multi-choice scores. Such a chart is located here: [external link] …If you get a 5 on the essays, then you can get almost 20 wrong. If you get a 4 on each essay, then you can get about 13 wrong for an A.****NOTE**** if the link doesnt work “page cannot be displayed” click refresh, the site is being overloaded with excited students trying to get to the regents exams…

  2. effloresces says:

    well, the regents r made so that it’s easy for u to pass. ( a curve brings a failing grade to a 65 or w/e) but it’s harder to get a 100%. basically, the global regents will be really easy.