I have to write a 10 page essay for physics on a technology and how much it will advance in 20 years any ideas?

Okay it has to be a technology that has huge potential to advance in the next 20 years and I also have to write about how the laws of physics limit its advancement. Any ideas?

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One Answer to “I have to write a 10 page essay for physics on a technology and how much it will advance in 20 years any ideas?”

  1. AL-MONA says:

    Well there have been loads of advances in technology recently in phones and laptops, they are getting smaller, touch-screened and multi-functional. Literally everything you need can be found in a little mobile, internet, maps, music, texting, calling, video, pictures, weather forecasts, calenders etc so I guess there will be more advances in this direction.Laws of physics limit its advancement…. I have no clue what this even means lol :) <3