Was the Civil War justified?

I have to write a persuasive essay either for or against the argument that the Civil War was a justified war. I would like your opinion on that and please put in at least 3 points that support your opinion.If you know any other useful bits of info about the war, please do say. I welcome all info. Assignment due on Monday.

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3 Answers to “Was the Civil War justified?”

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    There’s tons of published information on this topic… it’s really not hard to find. Some reasons for the civil war were economic differences. The south based their economy on agriculture while the north was more industrial. Yes, the south wanted to keep slavery, or at least cheap labor, because it helped their plantations profit. Northern states were more in favor of abolition. Also, northern states were imposing tariffs on the south without representation, which angered many in the south. Furthermore, many in the south, and even some of the founding fathers in the north, argued for states rights vs. federal government control. They thought states should have the right to govern themselves and to find federal laws unconstitutional if it interfered with the state’s government. It’s not that different from the states vs. the fed argument you see going on today with the upcoming elections. When Lincoln was elected is when things really went awry. The south saw him a threat to their economy and way of life because he wanted to abolish slavery and they also saw him as a proponent of the federal government and opponent of states rights. From the north’s point of view, they were fighting to preserve the union and abolish slavery. Since you have to write a persuasive essay trying to convince people the war was justified, then I suggest you look at it more from the south’s point of view, because I think you could cite more points. You could go from the north’s POV, but I feel there’s less material there because they looked at it so matter of factly (i.e. abolish slavery and keep the country in one piece). You could also give the opinions of both sides if you can manage to work that in…. not sure how long your essay has to be.

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    You must decide whether to use 19th century reasoning or 20th/21st century reasoning.By 19th century thinking, we wanted to hold the country together. In the 20th we might argue that the Confederacy had a right of self-determination. (Example, recent split of north and south Sudan.)There was also a 20th situation of genocide in Rwanda. We did nothing. The parallel would be a country that has slavery, such as the CSA.