What can be some good topics to write for a good research essay?

I am to write about current cultural and social aspects. The topic should not be common like abortion, capital punishment, gun control, gay marriage, global warming, obesity, suicide, etc.please help! its due tomorrow and I am unable to figure it out yet.thanx in advance

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6 Answers to “What can be some good topics to write for a good research essay?”

  1. partner says:

    Stem Cell Research.

  2. fgreene says:

    You should do a research paper on feral children. These children tend to have a lot of social issues, especially with never being introduced to language at a young age.

  3. ExaByte says:

    Finding and choosing the right creative writing topics can be challenging. Before we can write we need to have something to write about. There is a big difference between having to say something and having something to say. So how do we go about finding the right topics? I would recommend reading through the hints and tips on picking the right essay topics at [external link] … . The advice is practical, easy to use and something that you will refer back to time and again.

  4. sceptred says:

    Intersex, affirmative action, organ donation, C-sections, immigration policies, homeless families, safe injection sites, lead poisoning, you name it! Good luck :)

  5. bensene says:

    try vincent van gogh, jose clemente, or the guy who invented the model T Henry ford I presume. or argentina make the best food ever like euro sandwich and the chimichoro not sure I spell it correctly etc? and discovery channel animals like a new cuttle fish those damn octopods kicks *** man disapeared like WOW! they camouflage really quick! or the food network anthony bourdane no reservation :)

  6. underload says: