Why to be a corporate lawyer?(reasons)?

I am interested in becoming a corporate lawyer, and truthfully I'm in it for the money, but when it comes to writing an admissions essay explaining why I want to pursue that career I do not want to sound like a money-grubber. Can anybody please help me come up with a deep, meaningful reason to write, on why I want to be a corporate lawyer?

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2 Answers to “Why to be a corporate lawyer?(reasons)?”

  1. hugues says:

    I have graduated from law school and practiced law (non-corporate), although I took a class in corporate law in law school. You could look at a career representing shareholders who bring derivative suits against the corporation for fraud or mismanagement and write about your desire to avance the rights of shareholders. I make no representations as to whether any admissions deans will consider your essay to be sincere or not.

  2. arleta says:

    Are you writing a personal statement for law school admissions? Admission committees see the “why I want to be a lawyer” essay all the time and that’s not necessarily what they are looking for. After all, they expect many of their applicants to be straight out of college or without law firm experience whatsoever. How would anyone who’s never really worked around or with lawyers to know what being a lawyer is like? You don’t need to prove that you’re interested or even talk about the type of law you’d like to practice one day. Your personal statement can really be on anything, like a meaningful experience in your life or an accomplishment that is unique and puts you in a good light. I know someone who wrote his law school PS about a cross-country move and someone else who wrote about winning a prestigious award.