Can you help me write an essay on supporting or opposing a school newspaper at my school?

I have to write an essay by tommorow. And I need some help. Can you help me write or give me some ideas on writing a composition persuading the members of my class to EITHER support or oppose the plan to start a school newspaper. If you do decide to help please use big words and long sentences. If you could atleast write a paragraph that would be great. Or give me five ideas. THANX (=

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2 Answers to “Can you help me write an essay on supporting or opposing a school newspaper at my school?”

  1. goyette says:

    Read through the argumentative essay outlines at [external link] … I am sure they will give you a starting point or give you guidelines where you are going.

  2. kamatsu says:

    No, I cannot help you write an essay on supporting or opposing a school newspaper at your school. I do not know anything about your school, its students, administration, faculty, or community. Search the internet for purposes of having a school newspaper, and base your essay on your research.