Nobody in my class group knows?

Supporters of the new constitution weer called:FederalistsAntifederalistsNationalistsJeffersoniansJames Madison, AlexanderHamilton, and John jay wrote a series of essays supporting the new constitution calledthe federalistthe antifederalistsThe bill Of rightsthe spirit lawsCongress established a federal court system in theBill of rightsHamilton planJudiciary act of 1789report on the public credit

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  1. infamy says:

    You are kidding? What have our schools come to ?Supporters of the new constitution weer called FederalistsJeffersonians evolved into the Demcratic party supporting States rights……… what happened to them?James Madison, AlexanderHamilton, and John jay wrote a series of essays supporting the new constitution calledthe federalist papers. Have you read it yet? I have a hardcopy and paperback. Trying to get my 15 year old to read it now.Congress established a federal court system in theNow you got me on this one bit is will guess Judiciary act of 1789

  2. epistolographic says:

    If you get 1, you’ll get 2 or vica versa. remenber ye federalist papers. nand try to connect the dots.3) (c) Judiciary act of 1789. Only Supreme Court is set in constitution. Bill of rights is exactly that. Report on the public credit? Only if they were searching for ways to pay the judges.

  3. thinginess says:

    you can always look this stuff up on google or wikipedia

  4. cvrkatz says:

    sounds to me like you want us to do your homework.Check the library. Try Jeffersons biography, just about everything about the constitution you’ll find there

  5. intermutual says:

    1. Federalists2. Federalist Papers3. Judiciary Act of 1789Those answers are all on Wikipedia.