Talcum Powder Threatens Tigers?

Does Talcum Powder threaten tigers?I have to write a essay about talcum powder threatening tigers!Here are some opening linesIn this essay I will investigate why talcum powder is threatening tigers in India.In 1900 there were about 40,000 tigers in India but now there are only 3,000 left.The reasons why tigers are an endangered species isI think that it is important to protect/not protectAny ideas?Here are some useful websites: [external link] 'hl=en'ct=clnk'cd=2'gl=uk [external link]

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  1. apetalousness says:

    The forests that tigers depend on are the same forests that provide water security for millions of people. The deforestation from mining leads to soil erosion. Quarries suck up water and deplete the water table, which deprives local farmers of water for irrigation and working conditions in the quarries are poor.x