Good titles for a Persuasive essay on Abortions?

I am having to write a persuasive essay about abortion, I personally am against abortion, but I am including both for and against. I want it to be a serious title, nothing funny or witty, but something serious and maybe sad and gets my point across easily. Best answer gets 10 points :)

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2 Answers to “Good titles for a Persuasive essay on Abortions?”

  1. methenyl says:

    Sorry, I can only come up with one.My Body, My Choice

  2. pulahan says:

    Hi Nicole, Abortion, the easiest way to fix one’s mistakes. I mean, if one isgoing to screw around and accidentally get knocked up, why should they have tobe responsible for the outcome of messing around. Why not just murder theunborn child. That is what goes on daily, slaughtering of young, innocentchildren, that if born, would easily find a home. What did they [the unbornchild] do wrong? Oh nothing, it’s just that the mother and/or father are justso lazy and irresponsible that they would rather see their child be butcheredthan have to change it’s diaper or feed it. Society today does not respectlife and therefore accepts the murdering of unborn children.A major factor that is missing is society in today’s world are moralvalues. If people actually had morals, then abortion might not occur. Read the complete essay here: