I need a good point to make about the symbolism in my essay on “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson?

my body paragraphs will either be about symbols of life and death or symbols of tradition and crumbling tradition. or maybe even all of them.. what could my thesis statement be about that shows how all of the symbolism works together to highlight the theme? what could i even say the theme is?if this doesn't sound like such a great idea, then is there some other way i can organize my essay? i dont HAVE to use symbolism either..

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  1. hydrator says:

    We did this is MS, but let me see. The people, remember one of the guys talked about living in caves like cave men? You see, in truth, the people were acting wild like cave people.The black box could represent Pandora’s box or something. Also, the people actually forgot the story of why they did the sacrifices, maybe that symbolizes something.The black spot could mean the dark mark, the symbol of death.In general, this story talks about rituals and how blueblooded and how much we are like animals, like apes.